2015 GI Challenge

The Program

Over 50 young people registered for the GI Challenge and 20 proceeded through the initial stages. 

These 20 young entrepreneurs formed eight teams as they embarked on journeys to launch start-ups.Some made it all the way to the end of 
the GI Challenge and are now owning and managing their own business; some are still progressing their ideas in the hope of launching 
businesses in the future; some weren’t yet ready, and; others concluded that start-ups wasn’t their thing. 

However, all participants were prepared to have a go and that’s what makes each of them a valued member of Generation Innovation.

Check out Day-One of the GI Challenge in this video

The Three Finalists

Members of the local community donated funds to get three teams off the ground which covered costs such as producing video pitches, registering businesses,procuring point-of-sale materials and running pilots. 100% of all funds donated by members of the community went towards getting three teams on their way. 

Case Study: The Winner of the 2015 GI Challenge 

At age 17, Harry Thompson’s starting point as a GI Entrepreneur was to identify a void in the market place – i.e. a lack of healthy fast food options. 

Due to the pace of life quickening and the convenience of takeaway food becoming more attractive, new opportunities are emerging. It was Harry’s belief that the local economy lacked easily accessible and fast value-for-money takeaway food options using fresh local produce, despite the community’s pursuit of healthier lifestyles.

To address this issues, Harry’s team initially pursued the idea of establishing a fruit smoothie drive-through outlet that would offer a healthy smoothie experience "on the go". As the GI Challenge progressed, he refined his concept by making a fixed drive-through outlet his long-term plan, a mobile van his medium-term plan and stalls set-up at local food markets as his short term plan. 

His new venture was to be called “Swift Smoothies”. As part of the GI Challenge, Harry completed his visioning, concept design, market testing, strategic planning, business planning and budgeting. He then crowd-funded over $3,500 on the Generation Innovation platform and he won the People’s Favourite Award by popular vote. 

Generation Innovation Founder Ted O’Brien organised for Harry to run a pilot stall at the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show and he has since established his business at the Big Top Market Fresh complex in Maroochydore. 

“Swift Smoothies” is now trading successfully and Harry continues to improve his business model while delivering on his growth oriented plan, with ongoing support from Generation Innovation and its network of partners.