2020 GI Challenge - Ventures

Atea Designs

In Australia, there is currently a gap in the market for an underwear range and brand that represents a size and colour inclusive product for women. At Atea Designs we are creating an underwear collection that makes women feel considered, confident, empowered and comfortable in one's skin. By embracing individuality with our line, it is our mission to help our clients feel good about themselves every day. By supporting our business, you'll also be contributing to a greater cause as we are committed to making a difference within our community. With every product sold, a percentage of the profits will be donated to one of three selected charities.




In the global fitness market, there are limited products available to athletes that suffer with foot pain, restricting them from working-out or competing (or even from doing daily tasks!). At AthleteCare, we offer an Anti-fatigue Compression Sock that provides both support and pain relief to help athletes reach their full athletic potential. Whether you’re hitting the weights or running a marathon, our compression socks are guaranteed to reduce tiredness, cramping or pain in your lower legs, so you can get back to your favourite sport quicker. Get back on your feet and train harder, faster, and further – without being held back by pain!



Communibee Honey

Here at Communibee Honey, we are dedicated to solving the global decline in honey bee populations with the help of the community. This will be achieved by placing beehives on acreage properties which gives mutual benefits to the beekeeper and the landowner. In exchange for hosting the beehives, landowners will receive their own free, locally produced honey and the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to building bee populations. So help us save the bees, and 'bee' a part of the solution.




Find My Glam

Find My Glam is a social app for you to find the nearest beauty service in your area, connecting you with the best local home salons. Eliminate the timely, tedious task of finding a beauty service in your area with our Glam Finder. Select your location, service and find local salons on the map, make your booking and your good to go! Build your dream beauty business with your Merchant Account in 4 easy steps. Make your account, list your services, availability, set up to receive payments and you're ready. Have your clients find you on the Glam Finder, book you, receive your payment and have all the tools, analytics, educational content you need to run a successful home beauty business. Daily, weekly, monthly data on page visits, bookings, cash flow, and business growth. In our learning hub - Videos, advice, marketing tips, blog posts, updates in the beauty industry and more. Stay connected and follow your favourite salons, beauty influencers and friends; like, comment their posts and message them in chat. Find your glam with Find My Glam!





In Australia, over 20 million unwanted gifts are given at Christmas alone, costing around $600 million, with around 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper added to landfill each year. At Koowinda, we have the solution that helps you find the perfect gift every time, helps the environment and partners with online businesses. This service matches people with their values.



Loving Hope Bears

Here on the Sunshine Coast, many children grow up experiencing domestic violence. These kids suffer from long term emotional, social and sometimes physical impacts. At Loving Hope, we want to bring love, hope and joy to these children by encouraging people in our community to buy a bear, and give a bear. Purchase your Loving Hope bear and support these children here https://sharelovinghope.square.site/




In the global punk and alternative community, fashion is not diverse, is expensive, is terrible quality and is nearly inacessible in Australia. At NXVAC, we create affordable, personalised, diverse, culturally traditional and high quality clothing for the community made by punks. We also create informational and funny content to support the community, allowing those who can't afford these quality products to be themselves.




Despite there being a number of online video platforms, young creative people do not have a dedicated online space to share their work in a supportive environment.  OpenTitle.tv will provide an inclusive online space that will connect young creatives with their peers and media industry professionals.  OpenTitle.tv will enable young people to receive genuine feedback, develop collaborations and reach potential clients and employers by developing links to industry and tertiary institutions.



Royal Robotics

Here on the Sunshine Coast, there is a gap in STEM education in some schools. Due to budget and curriculum restrictions, some students are missing out on critical future skills. At Royal Robotics, we provide extracurricular training sessions that are affordable and accessible by schools and private organisations and individuals. So help us empower, inspire and engage the next generation of young entrepreneurs by visiting www.royalroboticsaus.com



The Four Doors for Teenagers

Here in Australia, there are many teens struggling with their mental health. On our website, we provide a wellbeing management program that focuses on purpose, health, fitness and mind. So help us to help the next generation grow and mould into healthy and happy individuals.