X&O Media

At the completion of the Crowdfunding stage, X&O Media achieved:

  • Total funds raised: $2,040
  • Crowdfunding target: $1,500
  • Seed funding (from GI):  $750
  • Community contributions: $915
  • Target achieved bonus (from GI): $375

My idea is to mentor young aspiring models and micro-influencers to enter the social media platforms the right way, whilst providing an online resource platform for social content marketing campaigns. This is done through personal branding workshops and confidence building runway events. As well as addressing a major social issue of our time, I also plug a gap in the market for businesses needing creative marketing content; efficiently serving the needs of both sides of the social media equation.

The problem this GI venture seeks to address is low self-belief and body-image related issues among younger girls, arising from unrealistic societal standards of physical appearance on social media. To address this issue, the venture has an idea for personal branding workshops, confidence building runway events and further career management.